of little happinesses, even if I never become a Great Author. turn out to be only eleven?

too this summer; not with Julia and her family, but entirely by

convent when I was little instead of a foundling asylum. Oh no, Mr. Weaver has painted his barn and his two silos a bright pumpkin yellow-- and if I'm not dressed, just go on without waiting.' 'We'll wait,'

Just such a letter as you would write to your parents if they I couldn't do it, and I'm quite young and never outside the John

and valuable and entertaining thoughts I'm thinking. In the future please always address me as Judy. Saturday

PS. I'm very unhappy.

Yours in sackcloth,

But the last one I did--just a little sketch laid in college--

brought up in the thick of things entirely lack.

He does not, I may tell you, care for girls.'

all sight of the beautiful, tranquil country they are passing through;

J. Abbott

Mr. Smith has white hair.